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Testimonial - Jeremy oldfield - Director, brand communications company
"Catherine has been a really positive influence. She immediately helped me make some simple but hugely effective practical changes to the way I approach my work and life.
Beyond that she has helped me dig much deeper by encouraging me to thoroughly audit my current job, career, aspirations and life priorities. This process of discovery has challenged my preconceived views of where my strengths lie and most importantly helped me remove barriers created by misconceived notions of my weaknesses.
Coming from a background in business consulting, Catherine has the rare ability to be both highly sympathetic and nurturing whilst still grounding her approach in a highly practical, applicable, business-like outlook that is always focussed on achieving REAL outcomes. She can be both gently supportive AND challenging and assertive when needed, and this is an approach I fine extremely positive and very honest.
In the few months that I have been working with Catherine I have significantly changed my self image and I feel much stronger and far clearer about the direction my career and life needs to take from now on. Iím now looking forward to Catherineís support whilst I make some exciting changes in the very near future.
I would strongly recommend Catherine without any hesitation."

Jeremy Oldfield
Director, Brand Communications Company

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